GiGi's Story

GiGi's Boutique desires to bring upscale, designer clothing to the ladies of Belmont and surrounding areas. The boutique owner, Grace, is the mother of eight children, five who are now grown women, and three sons with beautiful wives. Grace spent time as a young woman in fashion and modeling, yet sacrificed all of that for a time to be home and raise her children.
She has now been encouraged by each of her children to chase her dreams once again, thus bringing about GiGi's Boutique. The opening of this shop has been a family effort from not only her children, but also her husband, brother and sister in law. Inspiration for the store name comes from her 12 grandchildren that affectionately know her as their GiGi.
Being the mother of a large family, she had to be creative and budget minded as she always wanted her children to look their finest. This is where she learned the value of consignment. She was able to resell clothing that was in great condition and use the money she made from consigning to update each child's wardrobe throughout their time at home, while teaching her children valuable lessons along the way.
Her passion for fine things and the teachings she instilled in her daughters of their beauty and worth has never changed, and her hope is to bring that same feeling of worth and beauty to each lady that enters her store.
Grace's daughter Jessica, who shares many of the same passions works alongside her at the store. We are looking forward to meeting many ladies and offering a special shopping experience for each customer, whether in store or online, so that they are able to leave feeling fabulous in whatever piece they may find!